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Join fortytwo, White Raven, Valkyrist, Alias, Khal Wadege, Shoeshiner, and Ser Patrick the Tall as they talk about their favorite games, consoles, mods, franchises, and their most anticipated titles of 2015.

03:50 – Dark Souls 2
24:30 – Hello Kitty Online
28:00 – Valkyria Chronicles
43:50 – Gaming Consoles discussion
51:20 – Bayonetta
01:11:00 – Darkest Dungeon
01:30:00 – Metroid Prime
01:52:00 – League of Legends
01:55:00 – Star Wars games
01:58:00 – Anticipated titles of 2015
02:15:00 – Game of Throne games and mods (contains minor spoilers)

Edited by fortytwo


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Join the Vassals for their very first video game podcast! Hosts Duncan (aka Valkyrist), Zach (aka Alias), Katie (aka Lady Griffin), and Peter (aka Shellfish) unite for a critical discussion of The Last of Us, for PlayStation 3 And stay tuned for the Aftershow, where they delve into their top 5 games for this console cycle, and ask the question: “Can video games be considered art?”

0:00 – Introduction [lemon cake ratings; favourite moments in the game]
11:36 – Story and Characters [Joel and Ellie’s character arcs; interpreting the ending; narrative and thematic structure; writing quality]
41:59 – Gameplay and Design [combat and inventory mechanics; level design; enemy and ally AI; music and visual presentation; voice acting and character animations; online multiplayer]
1:08:11 – Conclusion [criticisms of the game; recommendations for similar works; DLC predictions]
1:17:13 – Aftershow [top 5 games of this gen; can video games be considered art?]

Warning: Contains explicit language, and plot spoilers for The Last of Us and Game of Thrones.

Edited by Valkyrist
Audio clips owned by Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last of Us: The Kotaku Review (by Kirk Hamilton)
The Last of Us – The Musical (with Orchestra)
Map of Joel’s Progress
Video Games can never be Art (by Roger Ebert)
The Rootwork Building: Interactive and Thematic Structure in The Last of Us
Two Best Friends Play The Last of Us
The Last of Us: Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick and Neil Druckmann