VoK 320: A Game Show of Thrones

Posted: July 27, 2016 in Literature, Television
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Before all show watchers agonise over what will befall our favourite characters in Season 7, WolfCast and KrakenCast join forces and look back to Season 6 and test out their Game of Thrones trivia in “A Game Show of Thrones”: The cruelest Game Show in Media!

Glen (Dagos_Rivers) hosts and quizzes the four contestants Duncan (Valkyrist), Jed (Jed o’white Hart), Claire (DarkSister24) and Hannah (Shadow_ baby) over characters, obscure random facts, and comparing characters to Disney characters. Glen is also evil to the non-brits by asking a lot of questions about popular british shows; evil to non-Americans by asking questions about the HBO schedule and deducts as high as 500 points (Dragons) per player for a wrong answer.

Also featured:
-(Very brief) Season 6 reviews and highlights.
-Hannah gets very tipsy (or maybe that was left on the cutting room floor…)
-Strategies of devising multiple choice questions.
-Round 1: Lightning round
-Round 2: Individual Multiple Choice
-Round 3: Show Canon Jeopardy (The Generous but not too generous Round)
-Round 4: The Evil Round (Where the players lose everything!)

Edited by Dagos_Rivers


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