VoK 311: The Sopranos (Part 3) – Members Only

Posted: July 10, 2016 in Television
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The Vassals convene at Holsten’s diner to draw their Sopranos rewatch to an ominous close. Join Duncan (Valkyrist), Bina (Bina007), Michael (Mordion) and Mattias (Maca) as they delve into the spiritual awakenings, invisible chains, and frustrating blackouts of the series’ sixth and final season.

This is the third podcast in a three-part retrospective of the series.

02:40 – Season 6A Discussion
40:34 – Season 6B Discussion
1:37:21 – Aftershow (including trivia contest and plugs for upcoming podcasts)

Warning: Contains #SPOILERS# for all aired episodes of HBO’s The Sopranos

Edited by Valkyrist
Audio clips owned by HBO


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