VoK 293: WolfCast – “The Book of the Stranger” (S06E04 Review)

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Literature, Television
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Glen (Dagos_Rivers) is joined by the (missed) KrakenCast leader, Duncan (Valkyrist), and a new host (although I later realised he had been in VoK 151), Mattias (Maca). The rest of the regular WolfCast return from the first review: Matthieu (Beric175), Claire (DarkSister24) and David (ChurchofStarryWisdom).

Discussion includes Daenerys’ walking through fire, Terminator style; the Wall book-ending the show; we continue to ponder what became of Gendry; Matthieu gets a grilling for being late for a podcast; and future podcasts on that show.

Edited by Dagos_Rivers


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