VoK 185: Book Club (Vol. 4) – Ready Player One (by Ernest Cline)

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Literature
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Join the Vassals of Kingsgrave for the fourth meeting of the VOK Book Club.  We leave the real world to enter the OASIS and discuss “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.

Join hosts Greg (claudiusthefool), Zach (Alias), Brett (White Raven), Duncan (Valkyrist), Paul (Pod’s Plight) and Alex (LuckyCharms) as they debate how awesome the 80s actually were; how healthy it is to live in a virtual world (even if you do have your own X-Wing fighter); the pros and cons of watching Highlander 200 times; and why you should always let the girl say “I love you” first. We also ponder what the true nature of happiness really is.

Be sure to vote on the forums for the next pick of the VOK Book Club!

Note: The first 27 minutes of the discussion is spoiler free.  When you hear “The Safety Dance” playing that means we are moving to the spoiler-filled discussion.

Edited by claudiusthefool

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