VoK 139: Full Cast(le) Recording – The Princess Bride (Abridged)

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Creative, Movies
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The Vassals perform extracts from the beloved spoof fairytale movie, The Princess Bride, using incidental music from Mark Knopfler’s classic eighties score. The table reading ends c50m in, whence follows an aftershow containing a spirited defense of Rocky.

The Cast:
Michal (inkasrain) – Narrator / Princess Buttercup / Miracle Max
Bina007 – The Mother / Inigo Montoya / Valerie / The Impressive Clergyman
Amber (Amberrocks) – The Kid / Prince Humperdinck
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Grandpa / Vizzini / Yellin
Zach (Alias) – Westley / The Man in Black
Shane (easttexasdirewolf) – Fezzik / Count Rugen

The Cast:
Michal (inkasrain) – Host
Bina (Bina007) – Editor


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