VoK 70: Frozen [2013] (Review)

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Movies
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Join Bina, Nadia, Duncan (Valkyrist), Julia (No True Lady), Michal (Inkasrain), Saad (Saad164), Zach (Alias), Elena (Lady Grey), special guest host Amin (from A Podcast of Ice and Fire), to discuss Disney’s Oscar-winning, mega-hit Frozen (*exhale*). The Vassals take a semi-serious look at the issues of feminism, LGBT rights and depictions of race in Disney.  Followed by a not-so-serious look at whether Hans is gay, whether A Song of Ice and Fire could have a happy fairytale ending, and what kind of protection one might need in dating Elsa.

Naturally this is full of spoilers for Frozen, but also Mulan, Pocahontas, Brave and assorted other Disney princess movies.

Edited by Bina007
Various tracks from the Frozen soundtrack


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