VoK 63: Writer’s Workshop

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Creative, Literature

Power of Words

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Five Vassals sit down to discuss the craft of writing and share some of their own work. Join Steven (SJLee), Michal (inkasrain), Zach (Alias), Duncan (Valkyrist), and Ace (SomeNewGuy), as they share their insights into writing, offer feedback to one another, and discuss their latest projects.

Ace shares an inspired-by-real-life comedy of life overseas in the Peace Corps. Zach and Duncan discuss their early foray into fantasy fiction. Michal’s unique cop drama, set in a world of drug-addicted dragons, captures the interest of her fellow hosts. And Steven describes his post-apocalyptic novel, which is nearing completion. The conversation covers many areas of writing:

1:55 – General Discussion on Writing
23:15 – Roundtable Conversation on Work [Gardeners vs. Architects; Breaking down the Fantasy Genre; Plot vs. Character; Female Characters and “Unlikeable” Protagonists; World-building; Writing Post-Apocalyptic Fiction; Publishing your Work]
1:58:10 – Advice to Fellow Writers [including a defense for Fan Fiction]

Edited by SJLee

The Anxiety of Writers
Year of the Dragon by inkasrain (extract)
Quincy’s Tale by SomeNewGuy
The Knight of Leafport by Valkyrist (extract)
A Shattered World by SJLee (extract)


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